Account Based Sales Opportunity Generation

Have you experienced one or more of these?

  1. People don’t show up to meetings they said yes to.
  2. People who show up have no idea what the call is going to be about
  3. People who you just spent an hour with can’t really move the needle.

I have been in your shoes, and I’ve outsourced lead gen to companies in Philippines, in India, Indonesia, even the US, paying them more than what I was making at the time.

Result was one or more of the above and sometimes a lot of embarrassment if I had invited the CEO or pulled someone from pre-sales or other teams to help with the discovery call. Anyway, I brought lead gen inhouse and saw that I was able to produce consistent results with a little ramp time, and I was able to repeat this with consistency for various companies I worked with.

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So, how do we tackle these and produce quality opportunities that CEOs work on directly?

It’s no secret, so if you can do it inhouse or with a preferred vendor, here’s what we do differently:


we start at the end, so anyone who gets in the pipe can close/ help close


we have a pull vs push approach, end goal for us is sales opportunities (as against meetings)



  1. we have show-rates of upwards of 90% as against industry average of ~60% because of our pull approach.
  2. we are able to deliver sales opportunities at less than $300 a piece.

The way it works

Lead Gen: We've multiple consultants to work on this (if you've read predictable revenue (Aaron Ross) or if you have managed inside sales long enough, you'd know these are specialized roles and need separate focused set of people)

  1. You provide us with the profile (s) of ideal customers
  2. We research on linkedin or other sites for e-mail id and reach out using an email/ other manual/ digital steps over the next (upto) 2 months

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