• I want to outsource to save money. Is this the right choice??

    No. We do not sell for any price advantages whatsoever. If, however, you want to work with the best for your use case, this is where you get down!

  • How is SDS priced? What is the scope for negotiation?

    We are transparent in our pricing and there is no scope for negotiation. Imagine you were not as good a negotiator as Mr X, I'll price you A while I price Mr X, A-30%.. I think that will be unfair to you. We have kept one reasonable pricing for anyone, anywhere in the world. Prices start at $2000 a month for reaching out to 500 people a month.

  • What are some expectations that you can set?

    Manual Contact Data Generation: < 10% bounce rates, <10% inaccuracies
    Account Based Lead Generation: Takes 2-3 months to stabilize and start producing repeatable results. Typical Results: Open Rates: 60%+, Response rates: around 10%, Sales Opportunity Generation: 1-1.25% (for example 4-7 sales opportunities per month by reaching out to 500 people in a month).

  • Are you GDPR, CAN-SPAM and CASL compliant?

    GDPR: Yes, because of ‘legitimate interest’ clause, since we manually generate contacts, we have the ability to delete on request as well.
    CAN-SPAM: Yes, who isn’t 😊
    CASL: Not yet. (Applicable when you run outbound campaigns to Canada) We can help you generate data but not sales opportunities in Canada.

  • Do you have any calling campaigns for lead gen?

    No. We generate sales opportunities from emails alone. We target decision makers or influencers alone and we’ve learned the ROI on calls is not worth the effort for us.