Manual Contact Data Generation

What would you say is the number 1 reason for failed campaigns?

  1. Reps or individuals
  2. Process
  3. Training or methodology
  4. CRM

One of these are usually what get the rap for bad performing campaigns. In my experience (a lot of peers working in the same field agree), the number 1 reason for underperforming campaigns is data.

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You buy a list, scrape data from somewhere or buy from some place that has a great turn around time. These are great signs that your emails


Aren’t going to the right people


Getting a ton of bounces


Reaching recipients’ spam boxes



  1. Gmail punishes you
  2. Company email servers block you
  3. Emails to John Smith is reaching Joe Smith because, well, the email is correct


We have a 3 layer verification for each contact data we add. If we can’t validate someone, we simply don’t add them. Google doesn’t have any bias, a mistake is a mistake, a spam marked will make you high risk the next email you send
Start using manual contact data generation for as little as 60 cents a piece.

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